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COMBIPHON® Slim O2 Speaking Valve

Combiphon® Slim O2 is a compact, transparent speaking valve with a silicone membrane. The Combiphon®O2 speaking valve, has a lateral port (ISO plug-in connection 5 mm), which enables connection to an oxygen device, if required. The Combiphon® is a compact, transparent speaking valve with a silicone membrane that enables tracheostomized patients with an intact larynx to speak. The special feature of this speaking valve is the basic position of the valve membrane. It is closed and is briefly opened during inspiration. This makes the increased pressure for closing the valve, otherwise required to form speech, unnecessary. The valve flap opens on inspiration. The exhaled airflow causes the valve to close, which enables speech. The transparent valve housing offers an unobtrusive appearance.

  • Very small, inconspicuous design, transparent and lightweight speaking valve
  • Silicone valve
  • Fits to 15 mm connector devices (UNI)
  • To be used by tracheotomized patients, not to be used by laryngectomized patients
  • To be used only and exclusively in combination with a phonation cannula
  • Individually packed

Also available: The Combiphon® Slim (REF 27108) speaking valve without O2 port.

The O2 connector/port is conical shaped. The dimensions are 4.5 mm as largest and 3.5 mm as smallest diameter. The inner diameter of the small protective closing cap which sits on the O2 connector/port has an inner diameter of 5mm. Therefore the corresponding O2 supply tube should also have an inner diameter of 5 mm.

The use on laryngectomized patients is contraindicated.

The Combiphon® speaking valve is supplied in individual, sterile packaging.  The Combiphon® speaking valve is a single-patient product.

Also available: Combiphon® Slim without Oxygen port (REF 27108).

We deliver the Combiphon® Slim speaking valve in individual packaging.

REF 27109 COMBIPHON® Slim O2 Speaking Valve

To order this product, you must have a prescription from a physician. For details and instruction, please click on PRESCRIPTION POLICY.



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