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DELTANEX® BIB (pack of 10)

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The Deltanex® bib for neck breathers is large and multi-functional. It combines tracheostoma protection with a filter system that is particularly suitable for anyone who does not tolerate adhesive filters, e.g., Tracheostoma-Fix, on the skin. The Deltanex® bib is worn over the tracheostoma and attached around the neck with two neck straps made of cotton. It contains a foam insert, which filters, warms and humidifies the inspired air.

  • Multifunctional bib that protects the stoma and filters, warms and humidifies the air
  • Comfortable and absorbent
  • Addition protection against wind and cold
  • Compatible with skin
  • Easily attached and adjusted

The foam insert is made of a special, skin-friendly and tested material called Hydrolox®. Dust, dirt, insects and other foreign bodies are filtered and effectively kept away from the tracheostoma. It is surrounded by a net cover. This cover, made of 100% cotton, is comfortably soft and absorbent. It offers additional protection against wind and cold and keeps the tracheostoma warm. The absorbent material reliably absorbs moisture, keeping the skin around the tracheostoma dry. The special design of the bib ensures that breathing is not impaired, even when wet.

The materials used have been tested for their mode of action and skin compatibility and guarantee great stability, even with multiple use. The Deltanex® bib reduces the risk of breathing difficulties caused by cold, dry and unfiltered air. The neck straps are attached to the adherent strip of the bib and can be used repeatedly. The ends of the neck straps have adherent elements with which the bib is closed. Due to its particularly elastic material, the Deltanex® bib can be adjusted to different neck sizes.

The special system with bib and separate neck straps makes handling considerably easier. The user can first wrap the neck strap loosely around the neck and then pull the fastener to the front in order to close the adherent fastener. The bib can then be attached from the front, by simply pressing the adherent strip onto the neck strap. This avoids the laborious fastening of the bib behind the head. The fastening system provides considerable relief, particularly for users who, due to surgery, suffer from limited freedom of movement in the shoulder and arm region.

The Deltanex® bib is supplied in a pack of 10 with two neck straps.

Size: 4.7" x 4.9" (12 x 12.5 cm)





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Pricing is for a pack of ten

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