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Heat / Moisture Exchangers (HME)

The HME (Heat-Moisture-Exchanger) filter cassettes for heat and moisture exchange, condition the air, improve the qua­lity of speech and are simple to use, independent of whether the patients use a voice prosthesis or not. A tracheostomy leads to a loss of mouth/nose breathing, this means that the filtering, warming and humidification of the air has to hap­pen in a different way. To prevent irritation of the airways, due to dry air, dust or harmful substances contained in the air, a filter is required. After surgery, tracheostomised/laryngectomised patients frequently suffer from increased production of mucous and coughing. These symptoms can impair speech rehabilitation and breathing. The regular use of HME filter cassettes with Heat and Moisture Exchangers alleviates the symptoms and increases the quality of life.

Comfortable stoma closure

The valve of the HME filter cassettes facilitates speaking for laryngectomised patients with a voice prosthesis. The stoma is closed for speaking with the simple touch of a finger, even through clothing. As soon as the finger is removed, the valve automatically opens.

Inconspicuous and easy to operate

Thanks to their low profile and operation through the clothing, the HME filter cassettes are very inconspicuous. The filter cassette is fixed exactly over the tracheostoma, in a special adhesive plate either with holder, or in a tracheostomy tube with a 22 mm combi-adapter. The HME filter cassette securely engages with the holder/adapter, but can be quickly re­moved at any time. This facilitates coughing and the care of the tracheostoma. The design of the filter cassette prevents secretions from reaching the patient’s fingers or clothing.

Choose the Right Adhesive Base Plate

It is important to choose the right adhesive base plate for your HME. The following guide can help:  Guide to Choosing Adhesive Base Plates