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Keeping the Trach Tube Clear

Keeping the Trach Tube Clear

There is always some mucus in your airway and sometimes it can build up and thicken which can caused the trach tube to become plugged making it hard for your to breathe. In order to keep the trach tube clear, you need to:

1) Suction the mucus out of the airway using a special machine. You will be told how to suction and how often to do it.

Suctioning Your Trach Tube

2) Moisten the air you breathe. Normally, the nose moistens the air as it is breathed in, but with a tracheostomy, you need another way to do this by using an HME (heat moisture exchanger) or and air humidifying machine. You will be told by your health care provider what method of moistening you should use.