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Laryngectomy Products

We proudly carry laryngectomy care products from Andreas FAHL Medizintechnik-Vertrieb GmbH (Cologne, Germany), a key provider of high quality products and solutions for airway management with a focus on tracheostomy and laryngectomy care. FAHL has been developing, manufacturing and marketing their products since 1992, and they have recently become one of the leading specialty suppliers of products for this specific patient population worldwide. We are excited to be joining forces with a company that falls in line so closely with our own company values and are thrilled to make available such innovative products here in the U.S.

Here you will find the widest array of Laryngectomy Care Products -

  • HME (Heat and Moisture Exchangers)
  • Adhesive Base Plates
  • Stoma Patches
  • Hands Free Speaking Valves
  • TEP Brushes (for voice prostheses)
  • Laryngectomy Tubes
  • Stoma Buttons
  • Cleaning & Care
  • Guides & Catalogs
  • ...and much more!