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  • LARYVOX® Hands-Free Valve KOMBI (Low Resistance)

LARYVOX® Hands-Free Valve KOMBI (Low Resistance)

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LARYVOX® Hands-Free Valve KOMBI (Low Resistance)

The adjustable LARYVOX® Hands-Free Valve enables patients with partially or fully preserved larynx as well as persons wearing voice prostheses (TEP) to speak without having to use their fingers. The LARYVOX® Hands-Free Valve consists of a plastic housing, a silicone diaphragm disc and a fle­xible housing ring, with which the closing sensitivity of the silicone diaphragm can be adjusted. The valve is intended for use exclusively in combination with a phonation cannula with 22 mm adapter as well as with LARYVOX® Tape base plates.

We recommend to always use any of the following HME filter cassette with this valve:

  • LARYVOX® HME (REF 49800)
  • LARYVOX® HME High Flow (REF 49810)

 Hands free speaking valves are not intended to be used when sleeping.

With the unique designed HME adapter, you can use the same HME cassette when sleeping (with a LARYVOX Base Plate or LARYNGOTEC silicone tube). This device does not require any special HME filters – you only need to keep one type of filter cassettes at home!

  • You can use any standard HME cassette (no special model required)
  • Only low blowing pressure is required to close the speaking valve
  • The strap running across the housing can be used for manual fine tuning of the diaphragm setting and as a spacer for textiles

LARYVOX® Hands-Free Valve KOMBI - Low Resistance (REF 21982)

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