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  • LARYVOX® Smelling Aid

LARYVOX® Smelling Aid

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LARYVOX® Smelling Aid

The smelling aid with a 22 mm combi-adapter was developed for patients after larynx surgery, to provide a short-term ability to smell. This was design to be comfortable and easy to operate.

  • Smelling aid to provide patients after laryx surgery a short-term ability to smell. Creates a connection between the mouth (and therefore the nasal cavity) and the trachea to enable the patient to breathe through the nose.
  • Flexible tube; can be easily moved in different directions
  • A detachable mouthpiece which is brought to the mouth is attached to one end.
  • The other end has a 22 mm adapter (KOMBI) to attach the device either to a LARYVOX® Tape Baseplate, or a LARYNGOTEC® KOMBI silicone tube.
  • The tight attachment frees the user’s hands during smelling.
  • The 22 mm adapter can also be attached to a silicone tracheostoma mask which is pressed onto the tracheostoma.

The smelling-aid with a 22 mm combi-adapter consists of a flexible plastic tube, which can easily be moved in different directions. One end of the smelling aid is a detachable mouthpiece, which is brought to the mouth. A special 22 mm combi-adapter is located at the other end.

This 22 mm combi-adapter has various applications: It enables the attachment of a silicone tracheostoma mask, through which a mouth-tracheostoma connection can be made, which enables smelling. Holding and pressing the mask on, are required for this, in order to create an airtight seal to the tracheostoma.

The 22 mm combi-adapter, with use of standard adhesive plates, enables a firm connection to the tracheostoma, which frees the user's hands during smelling.

First, the adhesive housing (base plate) is attached over the tracheostoma by adhering it to the skin. The smelling aid with 22 mm comb-iadapter is then simply inserted into the housing ring and connected to the base plate. This creates a firm and airtight connection to the tracheostoma, which can, if necessary, be easily released by unplugging the adapter.

The smelling aid fits so tightly that the user can move freely and can keep his or her hands free.

This item is supplied in individual packaging, complete with 22 mm combi-adapter and silicone tracheostoma mask.

Adhesive housing/retaining plates must be ordered separately.

REF 75130 LARYVOX® Smelling Aid 

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