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  • LARYVOX® TOUCH HME - Highflow Beige
  • LARYVOX® TOUCH HME - Highflow Clear
  • LARYVOX® TOUCH HME - Highflow Gold
  • LARYVOX® TOUCH HME - Highflow Silver
  • LARYVOX® TOUCH HME - Highflow Blue


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Product Description



  • Heat and Moisture Exchanger with low-pressure finger-occlusion facility
  • Combines the advantages of an HME with hygienic finger occlusion and an appealing design
  • HighFlow HME with low respiratory resistance and particularly suitable in the case of strong physical exertion and for new HME users
  • The HME is covered by a sealing plate to assure plane occlusion of the HME during speech
  • The sealing plate closes even at a very low pressure of the finger, even it the pressure is not in a perfectly centric position
  • The sealing plate is covered by a large plastic cover to exclude any potential contamination of the finger by secretions or vice versa any potential contamination of the HME by microbial contamination of the finger
  • The inhaled/exhaled air enters/escapes through lateral openings positioned at the side of the HME
  • Therefore no adhesion of bibs or clothing to the HME during inhalation
  • HME with 22 mm adapter (KOMBI) to be used with all LARYVOX® Tape Base Plates or other Base Plate Systems with 22 mm adapter
  • LARYVOX® TOUCH HME HighFlow available in 5 different colours: blue metallic, gold, silver, beige, clear

The LARYVOX® TOUCH HME was developed to satisfy your most widely diverse needs with one product. The HME is equipped with an easy-to-operate closure device, thereby providing a speaking option in addition to the classic functions of a filter cassette: FILTERING - WARMING – HUMIDIFYING.

The integrated filter medium exchanges heat and moisture and filters the respiratory air. The filtering, warming and humidification of the respiratory air must be ensured, due to the loss of nose breathing. In order to prevent irritation of the airways by dry air, dust or harmful substances contained in the respiratory air, a filter medium is required. After surgery, tracheotomzed/laryngectomized patients often suffer from increased production of mucous and irritation of the throat associated with an urge to cough. These symptoms can hinder voice rehabilitation as well as breathing. Regular use of HME filter cassettes alleviates the symptoms and enhances the quality of life.

LARYVOX® TOUCH HME is a HighFlow version with low respiratory resistance and is particularly suitable in the case of strong physical exertion and for new HME users. The filter cassette is intended for single use only and should be replaced after a maximum of 24 hours. LARYVOX® TOUCH HME can be worn both during the day and at night.

VISUAL APPEARANCE - from discreet to fancy

In addition to the classic features of a filter cassette, care was taken when designing the LARYVOX® TOUCH HME to provide an individual design. Thus, you can opt for a version with discreet design with beige or transparent cover if you wish, or you can choose from three additional colours (blue metallic, gold and silver).

The plastic housing of all colour variants is transparent and compatible with the common 22 mm adapter systems - and is thus suitable for e.g. LARYNGOTEC® tracheostomy tubes or LARYVOX® Tape base plates. The opening in the side of the housing enables unhindered and easy breathing and prevents obstruction by inadvertent suctioning of clothing or scarves during inhalation.

REF 49850

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