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  • OPTIBRUSH® cannula-cleaning brush


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Product Description



The design of the Optibrush® cannula-cleaning brush has a number of distinct advantages in comparison to conventional cannula-cleaning brushes.


  • Special brush for gentle cleaning of tracheostomy tube
  • Flexible
  • Bristles in dense array around the stainless steel wire base which is twisted to avoid sharp edges which might damage the tracheostomy tube
  • OPTIBRUSH® comes with a rounded tip to avoid scratching of the soft tracheostomy tube material
  • Wide size range (4-14 mm)


The Optibrush® cannula-cleaning brush is approx. 21 cm long in total. It consists of a plastic handle and a brush part.

An outstanding feature of this item is that the bristles are attached to a stainless steel wire, which is twisted, no sharp edges remain in the area of the bristles. This prevents the sensitive cannula material from being scratched. A further feature is that the brush extends from the tip of the brush to the handle. This means, that the entire wire netting is surrounded by protective bristles, this considerably facilitates cleaning, and provides additional protection from damaging the tracheostomy tube. The bristles are made of extremely stable and soft nylon.

The Optibrush® cannula-cleaning brush is particularly recommended for cleaning extra long tracheostomy tubes, as the brush part, with a length of 13 cm, can fill the entire cannula tube.

The Optibrush® cannula-cleaning brush is available in eleven different sizes, with a diameter of 4 – 14 mm at the brush tip.

The packing unit contains 4 pieces.


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