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  • SENSOFOAM® Tracheal Compress
  • SENSOFOAM® Tracheal Compress (Small)


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Product Description



 High-quality foam compress iwth high absorption capacity

  • Made of a 3-layer foam material to prevent adhesion to clotted blood or dried secreations and to absorb secretions.
  • Due to its reduced adhesion to the skin, the compress may be removed easily and without pain or the risk to tear open fresh wounds.
  • Transmissible to air and humidity to prevent skin maceration and inflammation.
  • With slit to allow easy exchange of the cmopress while the tracheostomy tube remains in situ
  • Stabilized tight seal of the tracheostoma and a tight fit of the tracheostomy tube in the trachea
  • Sterile to allow immediate post-operative use

The Sensofoam® compress is a high-grade compress for tracheostomy tube users. It is distinguished by its high absorbency.

The Sensofoam® compress is made of multiple layers; the breathable top layer prevents the saturation of the compress. The absorbent foam quickly and surely soaks up secretions.

In addition, the adhesion/agglutination with the skin is prevented. This allows the compresses to be removed easily. The Sensofoam® compress causes little irritation and is therefore especially suitable for the application on a sore tracheostoma.

The foamy material is especially soft and comfortable to wear. The Sensofoam ® compress softly and securely cushions the tracheostomy tube against the skin and prevents bruising. At the same time, this stabilizes the fit of the tracheostomy tube in the tracheostoma.

A hole for the tracheostomy tube is located in the middle of the compress. There is also a slit, which enables quick changes of the compress. The cannula can stay in the tracheostoma and does not need to be removed before changing the compress. Especially for children, we offer the Sensofoam® in a smaller format.

The Sensofoam® compress is intended for single use and is supplied in sterile, individual packaging, in a box of 10.


Adult: 4" x 3.5" (REF 30860)
Child: 2.5" x 2.5" (REF 30861)


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