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Stoma and Skin Care

Required materials and equipment:

The skin surrounding the stoma, should always be kept clean and dry. During cleaning, it is very important to only use cleaning products that have been prescribed by the specific tube manufacturer in order to avoid any reactions or interactions with the various medical devices.

Several medical products must not come into contact with oils, as they may damage the material.
Unless the nature and properties of the patient's skin mandates more frequent intervals, the skin should be cleaned and cared for twice daily. Special cleaning towels impregnated with substances that restore skin oils should be used for cleaning. It is important to only use one-way materials since commercial washcloths and the likes can serve as a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Moreover, all utensils should be lint-free to ensure, on one hand, that the skin is cleaned without leaving any residues and also that no minute particles can be aspirated by the patient.

Obviously, it is important to avoid that cleaning solutions enter the tracheal stoma to prevent them from being aspirated by the patient. Refrain from applying salves, ointments and the likes when adhesive materials such as adhesive carriers are used on the patient.