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Stoma Protection Tips

  • Buchanan bibs can be worn during the night to help reduce dirt and dust from entering trach tubes.

  • Coughing and crusting is reduced by wearing a stoma protector.

  • Stoma protectors protect your clothing and keep foreign items, like a flying bug, from entering your stoma.

  • Sneezing: When you cough or sneeze and don't get covered in time, the result can be embarrassing when a projectile of mucus flies from the stoma. Avoid this by using a stoma cover or holding a tissue over your stoma.

  • Avoid dust, smoke and powders such as face powder, hair spray, spray deodorant, etc.

  • Don't be around or have animals (dogs, cats, birds) they all shed and airborne things get into your lungs

  • Try not to be in smoke or around smoke, or other conditions that are too dry.

  • Stay away from dusty areas, woodworking can be a problem.

  • Don't be around when gardeners are mowing the lawn, cutting hedges/bushes/flowers, spraying chemicals or using a blower.

  • Beware of tissues, cotton balls, q-tips and gauze as the fibers end up in your lungs. Use a handkerchief or a cotton baby diaper.

  • When showering keep the water out of your trach tube.

  • When you go to the doctors or Emergency room, if possible send someone in first to explain you have a trach and that you need a private room/area as you can't be around other people due to their germs going straight into your lungs.

  • If it is freezing outside to keep your trach opening covered so you don't get frostbite in your lungs.

  •  Simple stoma covers, such as scarves, bibs, shirts, etc., do not provide the same benefits to a laryngectomy patient as  HME filter.

  • Scarves, shirts and bibs are washable and do not lose their shape, but for reasons of hygiene, they should be changed daily.