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Stoma Protection

Stoma Covers, Neckerchiefs and Scarves help to:

  •  Keep your stoma clean with less crusting
  •  Catch secretions and prevent staining
  •  Warm the air before it enters your lungs
  •  Protect the stoma from foreign bodies and dirt
  •  Provide an attractive covering

An HME (Heat-Moisture Exchanger) is also an excellent way to protect your stoma.

Special foam inserts in bibs ensure effective filtering, warming and humidification of the inspired air.

The difference between the Deltanex® bib and the Buchanan® bib is in the size and fastening method. The Buchanan® bib is larger than the Deltanex® bib and is attached using fabric straps that are wrapped around the neck and tied in a knot. The neck straps are extra long and therefore suitable for every neck size.

Shirts, neckerchiefs and scarves offer a fashionable way to cover and protect your stoma.

They prevent air from entering the tracheostoma unprotected and protect against dust, insects, etc. They are made of multiple layers of fine mesh fabric, which filters, warms and humidifies the inspired air. At the same time, escaping tracheal secretions are reliably absorbed.