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Tracheal Compresses

Tracheal compresses create a cushion between tube and tracheal stoma and also absorb the secretion flowing out of the stoma. Compresses with a special coating are designed to prevent the wound or the skin from sticking.

A great number of tracheal compresses made of lint-free and absorbent sm30608-1.jpgmaterial are supplied in a wide variety of strengths. All feature a round opening, through which the tube is introduced.

Several compresses are supplied with an extra slit between the opening and the outer edge of the compress. This slit makes it possible to easily change the compress even with the tube in place.

The unique zigzag slit design of some compresses prevents soaked compresses from slipping during movements of the neck.

Furthermore, very thin compress-like products are offered which can additionally be worn between compress and clothing to prevent moisture soaking out of the actual compress into the clothing.

Also, compress-like foam pads that can be taped over the tracheal stoma to protect the stoma, are additionally available for patients with tracheal stomas who no longer are wearing a tube.

The frequency at which compresses are changed depends on the patient's needs and the type of compresses used. For hygienic reasons, compresses should be changed at least 2–3 times daily.

Special, multi-layered and breathable foam compresses featuring a high moisture-absorbing capacity usually only have to be changed once a day.