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The TRACHEOTEX® ROLLI turtleneck provides  fabric protection for neck breathers. It consists of a knitted bib with a sewn-on standing collar. A protective insert, made of Diolen tulle and specially folded, is sewn into the front of the turtleneck. This protective insert, which lies over the tracheostoma, filters, humidifies and warms the inspired air. Dust, dirt, insects and other foreign bodies are effectively kept away from the tracheostoma and catches any escaping secretions. The coarsely woven structure of the protection guarantees sufficient air supply at all times.

The advantage of the TRACHEOTEX® ROLLI , compared to conventional protective turtlenecks, is the circular, elastic round neck, which makes a fastener system unnecessary. The elasticity is assured by the use of especially stretchy cotton yarn and elastic threads. An elastic band, additionally sewn into the standing collar, ensures great elasticity, and thereby easy pulling over the head and adjustment to different neck sizes while at the same time, this guarantees a close fit to the neck. The soft, knitted fabric makes it comfortable to wear and prevents chafing, as there are no points of friction.

The TRACHEOTEX® ROLLI is designed so that the knitted bib extends to the shoulder and back area and is thereby able to find grip under a shirt or jacket. At the same time, this prevents slipping, so that the tracheostoma is optimally protected at all times. Alternatively, the TRACHEOTEX® ROLLI , made of light cotton jersey, is also available (see REF 43301). The Tracheotex® turtleneck is available in many colours, matching your wardrobe.

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