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Traveling with a Trach Tube

Traveling with a Tracheostomy


There is no reason why patients with a tracheostomy cannot travel domestically or abroad with proper



Be sure to take enough supplies of equipment to last for the entire trip as well as a few extras just in



If traveling by plane:

Advise the airline of the equipment that will be taken on board, either as carry on or checked luggage.

Request oxygen that is readily available on board.

Please note that not all airlines allow suction machines on board.

Contact your doctor's office for more information.


If traveling by car:


 You can use a mirror to easily check on the patient in the backseat.

If you turn on the vent to recycle the air in the car to increase the humidity

in the vehicle.


The travel bag should always include:


Suction catheters

Saline solution

Tissues and gloves


Extra trach tubes

Neck straps

HMEs (Heat Moisture Exchangers)

Bulb syringe

Portable suction machine

Oxygen (if needed)

Oximeter (only needed under special circumstances)