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Tube Holders

Tube holders (neck straps) are used to keep your tracheostomy tube in place.

It is important that the area around the stoma is kept clean and dry in order to prevent infection. This is why the neck straps must always be changed when they become dirty or wet, or at least once a day. Wet or dirty straps can cause skin irritation and must be avoided under all circumstances.

How to Change Your Tube Holder

What is needed:
     Gloves, tube holders


1. Wash your hands (If someone else is helping you, they must wash their hands, too)


2. Remove the used neck strap while holding the tube in place with your hand or finger. Draw one end of the new neck strap through one of the openings in the neck flange.

3. Place the neck strap around the neck; secure the free ends of the strap at the openings of the neck flange.

4. Tighten the neck strap. Check that it is seated properly by placing a finger between the neck strap and the neck and fasten the strap.

CAUTION: With cuffed tubes, be careful to protect the tubing used for inflating the cuff if you have to cut through the neck strap. In general, the use of adjustable neck straps with Velcro or hook fasteners are recommended so that no scissors are required to release them.