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What To Do If Outer Cannula Comes Out

Never remove the outer cannula unless you doctor tells you to, but if it comes out accidentally you should know what to do. Stay calm and follow the steps below. If you get the tube in by yourself, you should have your doctor check it as soon as possible. If you can't get the outer cannula back in or you have trouble breathing, call 9-1-1 (Emergency).

1) Remove the inner cannula from the outer cannula. If you have a cuff, deflate it. If you can, rinse the tube with water, and put water-soluble lubricant on the cannula tip. Insert the obturator into the outer cannula.

2) Lean your head back and use your fingers to spread your stoma open. Using the obturator, slide the outer cannula back into your stoma. Stay as relaxed as possible.

 3) Holding the neck place firmly, remove the obturator as soon as the tube is in place. Tie the trach ties. Do not let go of the neck plate until the ties are secure.

 4) Put the inner cannula back into the outer cannula. Turn the neck of the inner cannula so it locks. Have your doctor check the tube as soon as possible.


These instructions are for educational purposes. Always follow the advice provided by your physician or licensed respiratory therapist.